• Music

    Integrate your favorite songs to your video.

  • Sound Effects

    Add animal noises, farts, explosions, applause, and more.

  • Voice Overs

    Record your voice on the video.

  • Trim

    Cut out any unwanted moments.

  • Slow Motion

    Adjust video speed to slow or fast.

  • Combiner

    Merge multiple clips into one.

  • Reverse

    Playback videos in reverse.

  • Copy

    Duplicate your video clips.

  • Subtitles

    Type your own messages onto a video.

  • Animated Titles

    Introduce your videos with animated titles.

  • Filters

    Select from several Instagram-inspired filters to enhance your videos.

  • Transitions

    Choose from 6 transitions to animate between video clips.

  • Photos

    Insert pictures from your Camera Roll to create slideshows.

  • Share with friends

    Share on Vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or by E-mail.

  • Stop Motion

    Create Vine videos with stop motion recording.

  • High Resolution Videos

    Supports up to 720p.